Monday, October 22, 2007

The beginning is half of everything

When we started this blog, back at the start of last year, we didn't even have a location for our bookshop, and we weren't quite sure what to expect (from the blog that is, although probably not from opening the shop either). A lot has happened since then - and the observant amongst you will (hopefully) have noticed some general 'sprucing up' of the blog in the last few days. A new title, updated links, that sort of thing. Whilst I hesitate to call it a relaunch, after a two month(ish) sabbatical, that's kind of what it is. The blog isn't the only thing to have been given a make-over. Mostly Books has a splonky new pavement outside courtesy of some incredibly noisy roadworks that have slowly moved up one side of Stert Street, and down the other. Ours seems to be the only shop where the pavement hasn't actually been widened, but no matter - the effect along the entire street is to make it a more pleasant (and safer) experience for shoppers, and we're hoping that this improves access to Stert Street from both ends of town. Inside, the shop is eagerly awaiting Christmas (the nature of retail, sadly) with the shelves and tables bulging with what we feel are some of the best books of the season. We've even bought a new table for the children's room to display them. And this year we are publishing our own Christmas Catalogue. It's a bit of an experiment, but everyone who works here has selected their pick of books, and we hope it gives an alternative selection to the standard "wholesaler fayre" which will be available everywhere in the next couple of months. We've had two author signing events in the last two days - and we've got some cracking events lined up between now and Christmas. You can find out more here. However, we have recently discovered that there is a new bookshop in the same situation as we were all those months ago, blogging and endeavouring to open as soon as they can sort out the premises. Tim West and Simon Key were made redundant when the Waterstones they worked in closed with 9 days notice. They decided to respond by opening their own bookshop. But, first things first, they started blogging about it. Now, these guys are hardly neophytes, but they will need all the help they can get over the next few months. I therefore officially hand over the "new bookshop" staff of blog power to Tim and Simon. Crockatt & Powell had it before us, and it has served them and us well. Look after it guys. And the very best of luck with shop. Let us know if we can help out in any way possible.


  1. Thanks Mark. I have attempted to link right back at yer. But Simon is the slightly more technically able and he is off picking daisys in the wilds of Devon.

  2. Good to see you back from summer! :-) Is it xmas soon already? Hell's teeth! I look forward to reading more of your adventures, and about the new guys on the block! :-)

  3. Long live the rise and rise of indy bookshops. And I hope your Christmas sales go severely well, particularly because of your own catalogue.