Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The magic number is fifty (but not like that): BBC Radio Oxford Afternoon Bookclub

On the radio again Monday, discussing (somewhat unashamedly) ideal books for Christmas, with Nigel French of Coles Books.
Included in the discussion was 'Gotcha Gadgets' by the wonderful Klutz - teach kids the basics of electronics whilst allowing them to build cool spy gadgets for £12.99...

Nigel waxed lyrical about Emma Kennedy and 'The Killing Handbook', and I waxed equally lyrically about paper-cutting inspired books.

But the magic number was definitely fifty - Nigel recommending 'Fifty Sheds of Grey' (and talking about something called 'shedism' of which  I was previously unaware) and the audio version of Philip Pullman's "Grimm's Tales for Young and Old" in which he selects fifty of his favourite Grimm's fairy tales and retells them in his own style.

The audio version is a selection read by the sublime Samuel West. Some books work very well in audio, but few actually improve - and I think this is a case in point...

You can listen to the show here until Dec 3 - fast forward to about 1 hr 8 mins for our words of wisdom...

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