Destination Moon (Again?): 50 Years after Apollo, how does Science Fiction imagine our future in space? - 19th March 2019

Mostly Books will be selling books at this ATOM event at Our Lady's Abingdon on 19th March.

Twelve humans (all men) have walked on an extraterrestrial body: four are still alive. Are we likely to see any more, of any gender, in our lifetimes? Will it be the Moon, or is Mars our next stop? Will it be to stay this time? What would be the motivation, and the challenges, and is there any point anyway?

In a special panel discussion, local Science Fiction author (and space aficionado) Ben Jeapes chairs a panel discussion with three science fiction authors. They will be analysing the legacy of #Apollo50, and predicting the future.

Tuesday 19th March at Our Lady's Abingdon.

Doors open at 18:30 Talk begins at 19:00.

Tickets £5 adult & £2.50 for under 16s.  For more information and tickets, please go to the ATOM Festival website.

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