Horologicon: an evening with Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth (a.k.a The Inky Fool) wrote the wonderfully quirky and endlessly entertaining little book 'The Etymologicon', a book that explored the hidden connections between words and language. When it aired on Radio 4 last December, it ended up being the unexpected, must-have book for Christmas, and the Sunday Times #1 bestseller.

This year, we are delighted that Mark - a mesmerising and entertaining speaker - has accepted an invitation to come to Abingdon to discuss his follow-up book 'The Horologicon'.

“The Horologicon” means 'a book of things appropriate to each hour'. It follows a day in the life of unusual, beautiful and forgotten English words.

From the moment you wake to the second your head hits the pillow, there's a cornucopia of hidden words ready for every aspect of your day. Do you tend to lie in bed before dawn worrying? Then you have the Old English ailment of uhtceare.Uhtceare can lead on to dysania (an inability to get out of bed) and other zwoddery problems, which many have suffered but few can name.

From encounters with office ultracrepidarians, lunchtime scamblers and six o'clock sturmovschinas to the post-work joys of thelyphthoric grinagogs and nimtopsical nympholepsy, Mark Forsyth unearths words that you didn't even know you needed. From antejentacular to bedward by way of nuncheon, at last you can say, with utter accuracy, exactly what you mean.

Mark will be appearing at The Roysse Room, in Abingdon's Guildhall on Tuesday, 13 November at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £8, with £3 redeemable against a copy of 'The Horologicon', and including a glass of wine or soft drink. The event is appropriate for all ages.

To reserve your ticket to what will be a fun, entertaining but above-all an educational evening, call 01235 525880 or email books@mostly-books.co.uk to reserve your place.

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