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Love digital reading, but want to keep bookselling on the High Street?

Well, now you can with the Mostly Books 'Indie eBook Store' courtesy of those fine folk from National Book Tokens.

Click on the link, select the book you want, download it - and a small commission goes to us.

Any problems - email us - we're here to help!

How to convert ePub formatted e-books to read on your Kindle

  1. Install Calibre on your PC – this is a free programme and can be downloaded here: (runs on PC, OX X or Linux)
  2. Download the ePub version of whichever book you want to read – download from the Mostly Books Indie eBook Store 
  3. Make sure the Calibre software is running, and click ‘A’ on the keyboard to add the ePUB file to your ‘Calibre Library’ (or just click the ‘Add Books’ icon in the Calibre toolbar and choose first option: ‘Add books from a single directory.’)
  4. The ePUB book should now be inside Calibre. Select the title, then click ‘C’ to open the conversion menu. Alternatively, choose the ‘Convert Books’ option from the toolbar and then click ‘Convert’). Make sure that you change the ‘Output’ format from ePUB to either MOBI (for earlier Kindle readers) or AZW3 (for newer Kindle readers) and click the OK button. 
  5. Conversion may take some time depending on the size of your ePub original book. To check the conversion progress, press ‘Alt + Shift + J’.
  6. Assuming the file conversion is complete, open the default ‘Calibre library’ and double-click the .mobi (or .azw3) file to open it inside your Kindle reader app on the desktop. Alternatively, simply transfer the eBook to Kindle over USB, Wi-Fi or email.

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