Two operations and a wedding Who’d have thought that the first obstacles to our bookshop would be hospitalisation and a wedding? Makes you feel that someone might be trying to tell you something . . . There was the unexpected trip to the rainforest . . . One of the partners in the bookshop idea (ie husband Mark) makes his crust trying to develop a system that will prevent illegal logging of timber. Someone’s unexpected illness and he’s off on an impromptu trip to the jungle, thinking less of the sort of wood you get between two hard covers and more of the type still with very wet leaves attached. And just before we were about to breathe a sigh of relief at his escaping unscathed, having dodged the mudslide, mosquitoes and malaria, he’s spirited off to an operating theatre near you to have his appendix out. The wedding wasn’t ours either and is entirely another story. Back on track soon. Hopefully.

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