All is finally revealed

You need be on the edge of your seats no longer. Our meeting with the landlord went swimmingly. We seem to have struck lucky with a landlord that is both kind and enthusiastic and we have her blessing for the setting up of Mostly Books on her premises. So, I think it's probably OK to say now that it will be in Abingdon. Or Abingdon-on-Thames as I believe we are now, although we've always been on the Thames. Before you ask, it is a small market town south of Oxford with fantastic road links (although, sadly, no railway), to make it extremely easy for people to beat a path to our door.


  1. Fantastic News! We are so pleased for you.

    So, "How is the weather in Vladivostok?"

    And...what's next?

  2. I can officially say that "it's warm for the time of year".