Oh no it’s Kipper Day

Mark and I have introduced a TOTAL ban on book buying ahead of M day – when we launch Mostly Books (current aim July 1). That is a COMPLETE ban on ANY book buying. I wasn’t really standing with my nose pressed against Oxford Waterstone’s this week, but I did happen to notice Kipper is in town this weekend. Kipper (for the uninitiated) is a laid-back dog and Martin Clunes does the voiceover for the television series, and is on the essential purchase list for our two-year-old, Alex. But I’m afraid Kipper is not going to be our first lapse. Mark had a three week business trip involving over forty hours of flights, so felt he needed a book of Su duko puzzles and a copy of Moon Dust. A breathtakingly good account of man’s experiences in space (so he tells me). Then we bought a Little Robots book and audio CD for a little boy going into hospital. And for Mark’s birthday I bought him Space Race, the book of the recent televisions series (spot a space theme here? yes, so did I). Then Mark had to buy Tim Waterstone’s business book when he went to a talk recently. Well, not too bad. Well, actually, (including an inevitable Kipper purchase or two this morning) it’s seven purchases in just over a month – and a month with a ban on at that. That’s more than one a week. Oh no. We are addicts. Still, let’s hope we get a few customers like us in our shop. category tags: mbbookshop

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