Initial stock order in (part 1)!

T-11 days A short one tonight. Nicki is already asleep and the effects of my last coffee have now officially ended. Whilst a large section of the country watched a football match, Nic and I worked on the latest version of the stock list + the shop layout. Both feed off of each other - as we refine the list, we have new ideas for displays and positioning, and this involves a bit of rejiggling of shelves. This impacts on the book numbers, etc, etc. Gardners are allowing us to make our initial stock order over a number of weeks, so today we got the first one in - arrival date either Friday or Monday depending on the impact of Harry Potter deliveries this week on their warehouse. We also ordered display material (from Pennant). Tonight we did the "final final" plan (wait for the "final, final, final" plan tomorrow) - and a step-by-step transition plan to avoid having to close the shop. More tomorrow...

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