Sneak peek

Slightly later than promised - a sneak peek of the shop. Here's what the shop (currently) looks like from Stert Street. Some imagination is required for the following pictures:

Here's a view inside the front of the shop (imagine the warm welcome from the knowledgable and enthusiastic staff):

The view through the rear window onto the courtyard garden (imagine passing this en route to the garden, a couple of volumes and a coffee in hand):

And finally out into the garden (imagine lounging in what is a suntrap with book + coffee - I'm afraid I don't know what the shrubbery is):

Finally, a shot from the back of the shop. The wall on the right is part of the original Abingdon 'city wall'. The whole building is listed (and listing in places - there isn't a straight line in the entire shop) which makes fitting bookshelves a bit of a challenge:


  1. This is exactly how I imagined it would be. Lovely front and back window view. I hope you are keeping the title, Mostly Books?

  2. Wow, these pictures are very exciting. My imagination is racing and I think it's going to look great by the 1st July. And how amazing to have such a piece of history (the old city wall) as part of your shop. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for you both.