A special moment

I few years ago, I used to have a fantasy that someone gave me £1,000 (or similar) which I then had to spend on books. The fantasy also involved blowing the aforementioned grand in a very short space of time in a bookshop closed off for the purpose. Well, this evening I sat in the shop, opening several boxes of books, unwrapping them from the packaging, making mental notes of the ones I'd really like to read. OK, the money has to be paid back, but it came pretty close. It was nevertheless a special moment. Unfortunately (once again) I failed to take any pictures of books on shelves (tomorrow, promise!) but one important thing we did do today was get a bubble machine for the grand opening on Saturday (to try to encourage the customers and - more importantly - their children in). Alex volunteered to test the bubble machine to ensure it complied with all relevant health and safety legislation. Here's some pictures of the chief bubble tester in action.

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