T minus three days...

After a brief boiled egg and soldiers with my son, it's back to shop for a mammoth session with the first stock orders. Today was a full day's training on the Gardlink system courtesy of Bob Peel from Gardners, who are currently in the running for "nicest company we've ever dealt with". So tonight there is the small matter of 20 boxes of pristine books awaiting my urgent attention, for booking into the system. Bliss. Tomorrow BT are scheduled to turn up and activate the broadband connection. The front signage is also being changed. The coffee machine is being booted up and tested. Start the Mission Impossible theme tune someone... If my eyelids can be propped open later this evening, I'll post on my return...


  1. Good look with the opening!

  2. Hi guys, looking good now. Just a thought, do you know about School Book Bags? You can get schools to stick a flyer (home-made is OK) in each child's bookbag to take home before hols/halfterm, etc. Think they charge a little, but it's not much and most of them reach Mum. You could plug children's and adults books too and do the same for Christmas/other special promotions. Worth looking into.