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Our second Saturday ended a very positive week, with our first regulars (well, 'regular') coming in to sample some coffee, sit and read the paper. He gave the coffee the thumbs up, and we served up coffee and cake for the rest of the day. Our website is (finally) up - simple, basic, but like the blog something that can grow with regular attention (and which can be worked on in the shop if and when BT get their paperwork together for this Thursday - pause while I offer up a small prayer to the telecoms god). I thought a list of our bestselling authors might be of interest after our first week. An eclectic mix: 1=Dav Pilkey / Lauren Child 3 Roald Dahl 4 Daisy Meadows 5= Terry Deary / Joanne Harris 7= Zadie Smith / Sebastian Faulks / Richard Mabey / Ian Rankin / Julia Donaldson / Heather Amery / Alexander McCall-Smith / Malcolm Gladwell I can see now why top ten lists split out the children's bestsellers. Captain Underpants is sweeping all before him...


  1. Yeah, but the kids love Dav Pilkey. Have you got some David Almond in? I love his books and I try to encourage all my lot to read him.

  2. Thanks for the tip. We've got Skellig, but not Clay or the Fire-Eaters.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome yesterday early evening!
    The children loved their new books, and Ruth had to start her new one before bed.
    I've written up a short piece on my blog:

    We will all be back soon!