One month on

Today was our one month anniversary. Hard to believe we've got a month of bookselling under our belt, and I'm wondering where that fresh-faced, trembling retail virgin has gone that opened the door on day one... I was really delighted when Stephen Bowden (better known as Wenlock in the blogosphere) introduced himself this morning, having taken a detour en route to a meeting in Oxford to negotiate the Abingdon one-way system and seek out the shop. In our high-tech, busy-busy, remote comms world, it is something very special when someone you've got to know on-line materialises in the real world, especially someone like Stephen who has offered us lots of words of encouragement through his blog. Stephen, thanks for taking the time to visit today, it meant a lot to Nicki and I. And I hope my holiday reading recommendation works out (!) - enjoy your upcoming holiday. Next week (Thursday August 10th) we will be holding an official launch party in the shop - and we would of course like to extend an invitation to everyone who reads our blog. It's from 6pm-8pm at the shop, although the wine will be uncorked from 4pm onwards for anyone arriving early. There's a map on our website - email us for tips on deciphering the Abingdon one-way system, and we hope to see you next week...

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