Princess Anne and New Piccies

Aha - fooled you. Princess Anne did not come into Mostly Books today, but she is coming to Abingdon tomorrow (Friday) as part of the town's 450th charter aniversary, so we have no idea what to expect. Thanks to current security best practice the whole town will be 'locked down' for the middle of the day, with no traffic allowed from about 11am onwards, so either hoardes will descend and take advantage of the lack of traffic, or they will all be in the main market square and we shall be quiet. Whatever happens - our mysterious but prolific Abingdon blogger (who is creating an incredible piece of social history with his blog) will have full coverage of the event at the end of tomorrow. Anyway - on Sunday and Monday we undertook another round of work in the shop - and we felt regular readers might appreciate some new pictures (and compare them to previous posts). Paul did another superb job - particularly with building the children's bookrack from scratch - and we worked late into the night on both Sunday and Monday to get it done.

We've added an extra bookcase in the front of the shop (far right).

We've extended the counter...and put in new shelves at the back of the shop:

In the children's room we have improved the lighting:

But - taa dah - at the back of the room, where a dark and underused bookcase used to be...

We now have a splendid, custom-built children's bookrack with its own spotlight - here's the reverse view:

And finally - here's the current window from yesterday's Roald Dahl Day:

On Saturday, we have our first author event - Bella Balistica local author Adam Guillain will be performing in store at 11am on Saturday. He will be performing a music and storytelling session, talking about writing and his involvement with the Roald Dahl celebrations. He will also be happy to sign copies of his books. We invite everyone who reads the blog to bring their family to meet and talk to Adam.


  1. Brilliant. Just get rid of those bloody saucepans

  2. So did she call in a buy a book then?

  3. Sadly no. But she did inaugurate the traditional bun-throwing tradition from the roof of County Hall...

  4. The shop looks so beautiful! Well done, I really hope I'll be able to visit in person....