Charlie & Lola Funday

We now have a fabulous mobile hanging from the beams of the children's room - thanks to the combined efforts of everyone who attended our Charlie & Lola funday on October 7th. At times the room got a bit crowded, and we had to move a few tables to accommodate buggies, but we had a steady stream of eager participants who coloured away, drank approximately 16 pints of pink milk, munched their way through several packets of biscuits - and even braved the odd moonsquirter (that's a tomato to the uninitiated). Here are some pictures of top colouring-in underway:

Butterflies were a popular choice - we asked everyone to sign their masterpieces:

Eli and her Mum - with crayon poised...

Possibly the best-coloured flowered...someone seems to think so anyway...

Mind you, I think next time we'll get the kids to make the mobile, whilst I colour in the pictures. Having bought a collection of lolly sticks, skewers, thread, etc. I wished we'd got a bit of advice before I started to try to make it.

It turned out that The Foulsham Family (that's Andy, Sally Ruth and Ben) were mobile-meisters, and told us we should have used green gardening sticks. Too late - but after a bit of wrestling, sticking, knotting (and mostly thanks to Karen on Monday, because I gave up Saturday evening!) here's the finished article:

(That Roald Dahl dumpbin is going ASAP - not one of our better decisions. Still, we're learning from our mistakes...)

Thanks to everyone who came, we hope you had as much fun as we did...

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