The Morello Letters

Just time to draw breath from our Charlie & Lola funday (which was a big success - piccies to follow, we promise) before our first 'adult' author event this Thursday - Duncan McNair with his book The Morello Letters. Duncan McNair dreamed up the Italian Mr Morello, a lover of all things British, yet struggling to understand some of the finer aspects of British life, as an amusement for his nieces and nephews. He has written to politicians and celebrities and received some good natured and sometimes hilarious replies. As our first event, we're understandably nervous, and keen for it to be a success. This has been helped by the fact that the book is excellent, and we really feel that it deserves to be a great success, and also the fact that Duncan himself has been a joy to deal with, and extremely slippy with the old publicity. People genuinely love the book - and from my own (albeit unscientific and limited) view of people browsing in the shop, it is laugh-out-loud funny. Duncan has already got quite a bit of coverage for spoof letters to local councils (and others) - but unfortunately his highly amusing letter to Abingdon Council (which we shall have on display Thursday evening) was met with a bit of a sense of humour failure. Mind you, having just implemented a major change in Abingdon's traffic system, and having faced quite a bit of criticism for it, maybe they were understandably sensitive with Mr Morello's suggestion of using a dilapidated council building to store his menagerie in, with a moose and giant mexican slug being thrown in to cement the deal (the council have also received lots of criticism for the state of this building too). We still have tickets for the event on Thursday, and despite our failure in getting hold of a live goat for the evening (Duncan's original suggestion), it still promises to be a lot of fun. We extend an invitation into the blogosphere to come along and meet the author over a glass of wine, this Thursday at 7pm.

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