A night of scrapbooking

A quick post and some piccies after our scrapbooking event held in the shop on Thursday night - top fun. Myself and Carole Waechtler (ably helped by her daughter Kim) welcomed 15 people to the shop of assorted ages to have a go at scrapbooking and journalling. Everyone brought photos and were able to use various neat gadgets to crop them, then create highly artistic pages - Carole was on hand to give tips: At one point I nipped outside and took some pictures looking back in. Several people peered in during the evening. At the end of the evening, I took some photos of everyone's creative efforts (with permission!). (I think my own cropping skills are thrown sharply into relief in that last photo - suffice to say that any scrapbooking I get involved in will have an online component - scrapblogging anyone?) Thanks to Carole for working frantically all night, and to everyone who pitched up for what was - frankly - a bit of an experiment, and the first of possibly more come-and-try craft evenings. All part of our ethos of a bookshop being a hub of activity, and not just a place to buy books...

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