Our doppelgänger?

A few week's ago we had a visit from WingedChariot Press - a splendid new publisher of translated children's books from around continental Europe. The range fits our shop perfectly, and we now have a WingedChariot display in the window. They are also based in Wallingford - a short boat ride down the Thames from Abingdon. However, when Ann from WingedChariot visited, she mentioned a new bookshop in Abingdon that she had recently visited - Mr B's Emportium of Reading Delights. Had we heard about it? Last week we were visited by Zoe from Egmont Books - and lo and behold she had just visited Mr B's - they were set up by a husband and wife team, not a great deal of experience, etc, etc. Did we know about them, etc? This required further investigation. It turns out that the spooky coincidences don't stop there. Consider that:
  • Mr B's opened on July 1st (admittedly with a big celebrity author, as opposed to me almost barfing in the entrance)
  • They have made extensive use of blogging (albeit theirs is in the more salubrious location of the Guardian culture pages)
  • Reading through the blog, their initial stock ordering experience was described as death by spreadsheet (check)
  • They have a cupboard behind the counter teetering with publishing catalogues
(That's enough spooky coincidences - Ed) Anyway - hoorah to Mr B's for giving the fine city of Bath something to celebrate after the demise of Secession Books, and we have added Bath to our places to visit when time allows to see it for ourselves...


  1. You had me worried there because you mentioned Mr B's Emporium in ABINGDON and I thought oh no that chap in Bath has set up right next door to them, oh no oh no oh no, how could he, this is terrible....yes I too will be heading in there when next in Bath.

  2. Ah, yes, sorry. You spotted the obvious mistake. It's in Bath, honest! (note to self - must get more sleep)