Another poem

Nicki and I managed to have a day off from the shop today - don't get me wrong, there are a thousand things to do, but I reckon if we had flogged ourselves today, we might have got that list down to, ooh, 970 things - and been totally exhausted. So - a nice game of scrabble last night, and today a winter walk with some friends near Nettlebed. Lovely. Pass the dressing gown and comfy slippers someone... It all kicks off again tomorrow of course, but sometimes you have to create some space... BTW, here's poem #2 that appeared outside the shop on Saturday, as part of the so-far moderately successful "Give A Poem for Christmas" campaign (note to self: needs better POS inside the shop). My poetry skills are giving my US-book ordering skills a run for their money methinks, but hopefully people see this as a bit of fun at least...

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