When we first started, we were concerned that some of the books arriving were damaged. Slight marks here and there, the occasional crease, some minor wear around the edges, etc. In the few short months (5) since we opened, we've become a little more tolerant, and a better judge of what is acceptable and what isn't. Occasionally, however, a book arrives looking like this.

Tough one to call, huh? Why are these always customer orders...


  1. But maybe on Christmas Day something miraculous will happen to it?

  2. All teh major wholesalers must have a department for damaged books returned from retailers.

    I imagine some 80 year old, died-in-the-wool, bookseller who knows all the tricks of the trade regarding how to get creases out of covers, how to get pen off an inside page, etc.

    Or do wholesalers simply ship these back to the publishers???