Last bookgroup of the year

Depending on your viewpoint, it would take a particularly brave or incredibly stupid bookshop owner to run an evening event 4 days before Christmas. But this evening was our joint bookgroup Christmas meeting - the last one of the year. Thanks to everyone who turned up on what was a particularly unpleasant cold and foggy evening. It was great fun, with a hugely enjoyable discussion about Amélie Nothomb's "Fear and Trembling" and I managed to twist everyone's arm into having their piccy taken for the blog. (Totally unposed and au naturelle of course) Also, we must say congratulations to Cindy from our Wednesday bookgroup, who had a great reason for not attending - the birth of her boy Theo last Tuesday. Our first bookgroup new Mum! She's vowed to be at the next meeting in February however... Nicki and I were both able to attend (thanks to my Mum who stepped in for some high-quality childcare), so we were able - just for a couple of hours - to take a break from the Christmas retail madness, and talk about books, which we both very much appreciated.

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