It ain't easy being green

In theory, at Mostly Books we recycle everything. Paper, plastic, cardboard and metal goes to Grundons on a recycling contract, glass has to be sneaked home for recycling in our domestic green bin (which I'm sure is illegal, but as we have about one glass a wine a month, courtesy of our reading group, I'm not sure the recycling police will haul me away in irons for that). It is a lot of effort, but something we feel is important. Anyway, last night I put all the stuff out for recycling, and this morning went out to find the big sack of paper missing, as well as half the cardboard. Obviously it's been a tad windy of late. I phoned up Grundons to find out why they hadn't collected. They told me they had changed the collection date to the day before - but hadn't told us. To be fair to Grundons, someone did come into the shop yesterday asking for the recycling sack, but I told him he'd come on the wrong day, so he left again. Anyway - to anyone in Abingdon town centre who found a large see-through sack full of paper, or a soggy piece of cardboard with our address on it - we do apologise!

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