Keeping Secrets

Last Wednesday night we welcomed Andrew Rosenheim to mostly books. As well as giving a very entertaining speech, he read from his novels Stillriver and (his latest) Keeping Secrets.

Andrew gave a great talk - and spoke about everything from his experience in publishing (non-fiction - so no help to his current fiction writing career), to how he can't help eavesdropping on his own family for writing inspiration (hope mentioning that doesn't get you into trouble Andrew!).

As befits someone who was formerly head of Electronic Publishing at OUP, we did our best with the technology here - here's a snippet of Andrew reading from Keeping Secrets courtesy of YouTube:

(If you notice the flashing lights outside, the local Electricity company decided to start digging up the road about 5 minutes before we started - which lasted until about 15 minutes after the event ended. Everyone was terrifically British about it and totally ignored it, however).

Thanks to Andrew for another very stimulating author event - I have already had to invite him back in to sign some more books...

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