Embargoed titles

We almost made a big boo-boo this morning - "The Tenth Circle" by Jodi Picoult arrived, but I didn't immediately appreciate that it was embargoed until the 19th April. It did go on the table, but was whipped off before anyone could purchase it. We don't have a lot of embargoed titles in the shop - but the embargo list on the BA website says that publishers can enact sanctions against booksellers if they stick titles out too early. Phew. Having said that - and not wishing to act like a school sneak here - I did notice that a large and very famous Large Online Retailer (or L.O.R., who shall remain nameless) is claiming to be able to deliver Ms Picoult's latest book by 1pm Wednesday, April 18 - so presumably because they send stuff through the post, embargoes don't count (sorry, I am acting exactly like a school sneak aren't I? Mind you, I can't see Hodder being too annoyed about a book currently sitting at #43 in L.O.R's current chart...)

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