Korky on Saturday

You always know when we've been busy at Mostly Books because the blogging gets pushed down the old to-do list. However, my to-do list is now such a teetering monster that I've decided to post anyway and give you a quick update of what's been going on in the shop.

Last week was half-term, and we embarked on a busy week of events. As well as storytime on Wednesday and Thursday, we had a bookmark-making day on the Tuesday, which was going great until the laminating machine conked out.

This Saturday we will be welcoming Korky Paul to the shop. For those that don't know Korky, he is the illustrator of such literary giants as Winnie The Witch and The Fish Who Could Wish (amongst many others). Korky has been top of our children's author wish list for some time, because anyone who has seen Korky perform with his portraits raves about it, so we're very excited.

We have two session booked, and - weather permitting - we will be doing them out in the courtyard garden. Both sessions are now full unfortunately, but we will be taking a lot of pictures and video for the blog for the after-event report...


  1. I love Winnie the Witch and Korky Paul. What a great name. Maybe I can find this out really easily, but is it his real name?

  2. I'll ask him tomorrow!

  3. It's Hamish, I think.