One Good Turn...Deserves a Blog

We were delighted this morning when we had 5 copies of Kate Atkinson's "One Good Turn". Floyd - who has been with us this week on work experience - has had rather a lot of books to unpack this week, but he spotted that these ones were on back order, just published and put them out on the table. We're very excited, we have a lot of Kate Atkinson fans, and this is a book we've had on order for a while. And then he noticed something a bit odd... They all had a big Tesco sticker on the front. OK, it happens, we had a book in this week which was pre-signed and had a big "signed in Waterstone's" sticker on the front, we just send these back as damaged. Then we looked again. A bit more closely. On the back of the book, actually printed on the cover, was "Tesco Book Club". There was a Tesco bookmark in it. There was "exclusive content" (which, as far as we can tell, is a letter inside telling you a bit about the club). Hang on a bit. Something is wrong here... Yes, one of our wholesalers (who shall remain nameless because I don't want to embarrass them) has sent out the Tesco Book Club edition to us in error. I hope we're the only ones because they might get in a bit of trouble otherwise... I can't work out whether this is a devious trick by Tescos to get greater coverage of the launch of their club? Or perhaps this is just meglomaniac Tesco boss Terry Leahy's way of keeping me awake even more at night as I huddle up under my duvet and consider a nightmare world where Tesco sells everything...yes, I think I can hear his maniacal laugh all the way from his mansion in Cuffley... In keeping with my post about Tesco a few weeks ago (which hopefully was ├╝ber-reasonable), I will just say that I think they've made a decent fist of it, and if it gets more people reading cracking authors such as Kate Atkinson, then well done. But it's another step towards world domination IMHO... Anyone else get the Tesco version by mistake today?

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