A Week Off

On Monday, August 6th, we'll be closing the shop for a week and having a break. After the madness of July (and it was a bit overwhelming at times) Nicki and I have been looking forward to having some time off. This week coincides with holidays for some of our staff as well, so it works out well all round. I must admit to being a bit nervous about actually closing the shop. We've told everyone about it, sent out the newsletter, we've got big posters around the shop - but sometimes, in the wee small hours (the time at which most small business owners are visited by the entrepreneurial heeby-jeebies) I do wonder if a few people will visit and be very disappointed that we're not open, or will have travelled from some distance as part of a long-planned trip to visit us ("I don't believe it, and I made a special trip here from Wyoming just to see Mostly Books", etc.). I don't know whether this is extremely neurotic of me, egotistical, or simply I overrate how people view our shop, but I'm still slightly unnerved. I'll just have to relax about it all on the trip to the seaside we've got planned with the boys next week. Frankly, I'm looking forward to getting some sleep...


  1. Go for it. You deserve it. Have a wonderful time.

    Love Mary Cavanagh

  2. Enjoy the sleep, I'm sure your customers will still be there when you come back.