Happy Christmas me hearties!

Pirates took over Mostly Books this evening during the Christmas Extravaganza. They tied up the real staff, and then set about plastering "3 for 2" stickers on everything and ordering in vast (or should that be 'avast') quantities of ghost-written celebrity autobiographies.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

Customers were threatened and told to "buy on Amazon". It was a terrifying ordeal for some:

Luckily, our customers fought back, and the naughty pirates saw the error of their ways. They eventually agreed to leave the shop, taking with them some improving literature and some fun books for the kiddies.

OK - perhaps that's not quite what happened...

The annual Abingdon Extravaganza is the cue for turning on the Christmas Lights. There's a parade through the town, and then fireworks later in the evening. Here's the parade passing the shop:

Here's some of our esteemed town councillors dressed in their finery. If you look *really* closely you can make out a few of our regulars:

Finally, here's Father Christmas himself whooshing past the shop (with obligatory health an safety elves behind).

The Abingdon blogger has more.

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