Home for Christmas

Several years ago, my sister was working in Harrods during the Christmas period - more specifically as an elf in the Harrod's Christmas grotto. The grotto itself was suitably grand: the entrance was lined on both sides with giant gilt (and, distinctly Orwellian) teddy bear figures looking like a line up on Easter Island. Everything was big and grand and glittering. That year, my sister was also selected to accompany Santa - and Mohammed Al Fayed - on a tour of the store just before the big day. Most of the children were very excited and happy to see Santa. However, if there were any children who were unhappy, Al-Fayed would snap his fingers and one of his security guards would produce a lollipop, which would be handed to said kid to cheer him or her up. I felt a bit like that today, having as I did mince pies and chocolate coins to dispense. Resplendent in my Christmas waistcoat it was good fun spreading the largesse around. Anyway, the door is now closed, I've just scoffed the last of the mince pies. I'm now heading home for Christmas. It's a been a hectic few days, but we're happy (if tired) booksellers. Happy Christmas everyone - we hope Father Christmas brings you some good books...

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  1. A happy christmas to you too - and thanks for keeping the flame of proper bookselling alive in these parts for another year! Your customers really appreciate it!