Monster Truck Mayhem!

(OK, OK - but I felt that title was better than the two alternatives I came up with of "Keep on Trucking" and "Truck-tastic" but I expect the organisers have heard it all before...)

At 10.30 we had a few people in the shop already...
...but no queue outside.
However, as 11.11 approached, the queue grew. Some of our regulars were a bit surprised...

These were the first - I'll resist referring to them as "lucky truckers":

But I'm pleased to report - with the help of the wonderful Deborah and Claire - that sales went smoothly, we sold out of our initial 200 allocation, and there was no BA-style screw-up (phew)!

We've got more tickets, so they are still available. More about Truck and Wood can be found here.

All of this has overshadowed an important royal visitor we had earlier in the week. More on this exciting and eagerly anticipated milestone for Mostly Books shortly...


  1. *no BA-style screw up* careful Mark, the Booksellers Association will be sending the blog police round. -)

  2. Ah, yes. Let's make that perfectly clear. That was 'BA' as in 'British Airways', re: terminal 5 reference in last post, rather than our esteemed Association...phew, I think I've avoided any unpleasantness (until the next time I fly from Heathrow)

  3. Jackie O'N9:20 pm

    I directed a couple of people to you today - they were wandering towards the patisserie looking a bit lost. I bet they were after Truckfest tickets. Hope they got there safely.

  4. Your shop looks lovely!! Wish it was in Leicester.