Greenaway Reading Club

Today was the second meeting of our Greenaway Reading Club - last time we reviewed Penguin by Polly Dunbar (very popular, a high benchmark was set) and today we did two books: Banana by Ed Vere and Monkey & Me by Emily Gravett.

The idea of the club is to give young children the chance to read and review books, just like the judges of the real Greenaway Awards (annual awards for children's picture books). This is a bit like the Shadowing groups run by schools, but ours is ghtly different in that a) it takes place in the , b) it can get a bit chaotic and c) real bananas were eaten at the end of the two stories.

Alison who runs the club gets the kids to consider all aspects of the book - the cover design, illustrations, use of colour, the emotions that the pictures can provoke. They then get a chance to draw in the style of the various illustrators, and vote on how much they liked the book. So far the voting has been high for all the books, although the 10 million' votes received by Ed Vere's book today might have to be statistically rounded down to 10 when we do the counting...

The club takes place on Monday after school, 4 until 5, and there are still places if anyone wants to join. Ages 7-12 welcome.


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