The Independent Bookshop Buzz Centre of Gravity moves again...

...and boy, hasn't it been fair flying about of late. First it was the opening of Wood Green (who have just embarked on an exciting Murakami-hunt), then it swung up to Inkspot and Silverleaf in Bo'Ness (they celebrated their first month's anniversary yesterday). A new bookshop opened recently in Woodstock (called "The Woodstock Bookshop" appropriately enough - but do they have a website yet?) and then we had all the excitement of the awards last week in Abingdon and Bath. But today (apparently, trying to read between the lines of their blog) the buzz swings dramatically back to London as the new Crockatt & Powell opens on the Fulham Road. And it looks utterly gorgeous. This must be a very big deal for the boys, and I shudder to think about the effort, expense and nerve-jangling emotions that will have gone into the project - but they deserve to succeed big time. Go Adam and Matthew!

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