Festive fun

This evening Abingdon switched on its Christmas lights, with some fantastic new eco-friendly lights in the market square taking centre stage. The Abingdon Blogger has already got his early report up. As it was a Victorian Evening theme, he makes the comment that "Dick Van Dyke could walk around unnoticed" and I can only say...guilty m'lud. It's amazing what a bit of boot polish and a flat cap can do... Anyway, outside the shop the parade came past, including stilt-walkers... ...and of course Father Christmas himself: Inside the shop it was bustling - due in part (no doubt) to our free hot punch and Christmas biscuits, which went down a storm on what was a particular chilly evening. The Mayor and his entourage took advantage when they popped in:
Alex and Timothy enjoyed their first Abingdon Extravaganza - and the whole evening seemed to go extremely well. Now I just need to go and wipe that polish off my face...


  1. And the photo of you is where, Mr Van Dyke?

  2. Well, I was hoping that my face would have appeared over on the Abingdon Blog - as I forgot to get a picture of myself (which, obviously, is unusual for me!)

  3. Hi Mark, I have the picture of you. There were just too many pictures to include in 1 post. I'll see how it looks when its been through the 'process' i.e cropped and shrunk and, if too dull, colour enhanced. In any case I'll send you a copy.

  4. Definitely don't colour-enhance it. I was supposed to be a vitamin-deprived, chimney sweep (possibly with rickets) working in an environment where 'there's hardly no day, and there's hardly no night'. The paler the better...

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