Sun, storytime...and Robert Muchamore

Ah, wot a lovely day. Sun was out, we had people in the garden enjoying cake, children in the shop enjoying storytime (although not so much raucous laughter this week as we didn't do Peek-A-Poo...). I was rushing around like a mad buffoon getting stuff done off my to-do list, trying not to injure any small children. We really need a bigger shop... It's been half-term this week, so we've been busy doing lots of planning for the various events we have coming up in the next six weeks. I think it's fair to say that we're very excited about Robert Muchamore coming to Abingdon on June 20th as part of the Amazing Books for Boys event. I've just posted a piece over on the 'Amazing' blog about the CHERUB author, so click here to find out much more about Mr Muchamore (sorry, that's bad copy...but it's late).

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  1. Just got back from Hay Festival - great to see all those famous authors but made me think how lucky we are to have Mostly Books who organise fantastic events for us right on our doorstep in Abingdon all year round. Very much looking forward to 20th June. Thanks everyone.