An Amazing Day

Our "Amazing Books for Boys" event took place on Saturday - and an amazing day it was too. We'll write up the individual events in more detail over on the Amazing Blog for Boys shortly, but for now here are some highlights. First up was Trapped By Monsters:
From left, Sam Enthoven, Joe Craig, David Melling, Tommy Donbavand, Andy Briggs and Ali Sparkes. Hard to believe that at least two of these authors had never met before - their show was superb:
The strain of having been locked for the past weeks in a cave was really showing. The authors were under a great deal of stress - forced to compete in a nightmare gameshow to avoid being eaten. Kids were selected at random from the audience for to take part in unspeakably awful activities. Here we see children turned into mummies using specially re-used toilet paper... ...whilst at the back a frightening monster took form as the event progressed. Finally, released from the horrific spectacle, the authors were allowed into the main foyer of the theatre to sign books!
There were Trapped By Monsters trading cards - and even Trapped By Monsters cakes! No sooner had they departed, the stage was transformed into a dojo ready for the appearance of Young Samurai author Chris Bradford and Team Taurus - the brilliant Oxford School of Martial Arts Display Team. Fog crept out onto the stage, and the packed audience was treated to an incredible display of carefully choreographed martial arts, readings and audio-visual displays: Chris doesn't just do readings - he brings them to life, acting out the fight sequences from the Young Samurai books: This was the official launch event for Way of The Sword, the sequel to the award-winning Young Samurai.
After the performance, Chris signed copies and had pictures taken with young fans.
Finally, Robert Muchamore came onto the stage, and talked about CHERUB, Henderson's Boys - including the latest Eagle Day. Robert had fans travel from as far afield as Reading and Milton Keynes to hear him speak. He talked about how he started writing, how the books have developed - and took many questions from fans who had a scary amount of knowledge about his books. It was a great performance - and a storming end to the event. Robert then signed books, chatted to fans and patiently had photographs taken by everyone - including the event organisers. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day (including Yaxkis and Will above), everyone who came to be entertained - but mostly thanks to all the authors and performers who made it such a memorable day. We have a week to recover - and then this Saturday it's the return of the Children's Food Festival for us...

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  1. Mark,
    I'm totally in awe of this event. It must have taken a load of organising and a great deal of inspiration from you to make it all a reality.
    The Trapped by Monsters event is pure magic, and I wish i'd been there. I'll be seeing Sam E soon (if the monsters let him out) so i'm really looking forward to talking to him about it too.

    Well done to you and Team Mostly, i'm going to be hard pushed to beat that!