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We had a fab new writers event last night with the Oxford Writers' Group - so whilst I busily write up that event (and there's a lot to cram in) I thought you might enjoy some videos from some of our events in June (what a long time ago that now seems...). Firstly, Chris Bradford has released an 'official' launch video from the Amazing Books for Boys launch event for Way of the Warrior. Splendid stuff: And whilst you are recovering from that, here's some (slightly) more sedate few videos from the Children's Food Festival. Firt up is Alex Mackay, one of the undoubted stars of the weekend - he is an incredibly passionate, larger-than-life New Zealander who has made his home in Oxfordshire, and who has this amazing rapport with kids. He set up the Raymond Blanc Cookery School, but that's only the start of his talents - find out more here. Here he is getting the kids all fired up about dough - and it's a shame I didn't get any footage of the huge queue of children holding the world's longest piece of pasta... On the Sunday, it was a great privilege to finally meet "the teenage chef" Sam Stern - we have been huge fans of Sam in the shop since we opened, we've recommended his books to loads of kids - and some of them came on Sunday, bringing their sauce-flecked copies for signing. Although (now 18) he'll lose his 'teenage' moniker shortly, it was a real pleasure to meet Sam and have him signing in the tent. Here - with a willing assistant - he prepares some homemade burgers: And finally, I didn't manage to get any footage of Sophie Grigson whilst demonstrating on either of the two days, but she's an fantastic performer and like Alex she really gets children excited about cooking (it's perhaps no coincidence that both these chefs are heavily involved with the Kids' Cookery School in Acton). Here she is giving some sage advice on the importance of children learning to cook with - and respect - sharp knives in the kitchen (under close supervision of course): Signed copies from Sam, Sophie and Alex in the shop... This Monday (July 13) we welcome Helen Peacocke in the shop, talking about her new book "Paws Under the Table", a guide to dog-friendly pup walks in Oxfordshire. Helen is a well-known local writer, and she is passionate about dogs, walking - but also about 'using or losing' our wonderful country pubs...tickets available in the shop or email us to reserve a place...

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