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As of this morning (Wednesday) we can confirm that we have Griff Rhys Jones coming on August 13th to talk about his new book and television series "Rivers". This is obviously jolly exciting. Mr Rhys Jones is very famous, so much so that he's even on the cover of the Radio Times next week. As far as my Mum is concerned, it doesn't get much bigger than that. (In addition, and with a bit of luck, he'll have forgotten the incident three years ago when I accosted him in Stansted airport asking him if he'd like to do an event before we'd even opened) Of course, we now have a little over three weeks to sell tickets to the event. But we like a challenge. And we've booked a nice big venue in the centre of Abingdon (the Guildhall) for Griff. It's close to the bookshop - and not too far from the river. It should be a fantastic event - Griff is a highly entertaining speaker, and I have to say the book is gorgeous. Also, Griff has a bit of 'previous' with Abingdon, having visited St Helen's church during filming of "Three Men & A Boat" - so it will nice to welcome him back. Tickets are £5 - and you can redeem the whole lot against a purchase of the book on the night. How exciting is that? Tickets available from Mostly Books - more details on the event, and how to book, here. P.S. Nicki and I are off up to Harrogate tomorrow - for four whole days - to visit the Theakstons crime fiction festival. Sounds like a busman's holiday, but it is an event we've wanted to visit for some time. Expect some piccies and a blog entry at some point...

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