Well, that was embarrassing

It was a genuine mistake. Honestly. I was vaguely aware that it was out this week. But our delivery didn't turn up yesterday, and what with our upcoming event with Alan Titchmarsh a week Friday, and a few other events that we are putting into place I must admit I lost track... So when someone came in this morning at about 10am keen to have a look at the latest Dan Brown, there were a few seconds of embarrassed silence behind the counter. "Ah. Dan Brown. Yes. I think we're expecting it this morning..." This wasn't some independent bookselling act of militancy BTW. Just a bit of a screw-up... Anyhoo, apart from that and not having a single copy of Pride & Prejudice in the shop this morning ("call yourself a bookshop?)" we feel firmly back in the saddle after our almost two-week break once we'd waved Griff off back in the middle of August. Since our return it's been Ch*stm*s planning and ordering, catching up with all the news from our customers, playing admin catch-up and feverishly putting our Autumn schedule together ready for our next newsletter - which might be out as early as next week (with a following wind). Ooh, loads of events which are *almost* finalised and we're bursting to tell you about...but it'll have to wait (aside from Alan of course - did I mention him?) Anyway - what's been happening to us over the last few weeks? Well, we've been a bit remiss in keeping up with the wider bookselling world (see start of post) but I feel particularly bad that the opening of a new independent went by without a comment from us. Not just any old bookshop, of course, but the new Edinburgh Bookshop opened by bookselling supremos Vanessa and Malcolm - doubling their bookselling empire. Go take a look at the photos of the new shop because it is gorgeous. And are those some Persephone books I see in that bottom photo? I think so... The independent world needs good news like this because I was really shocked to discover that Crockatt & Powell closed their doors sadly over the Summer. I knew that were under the cosh a little following their expansion into Chelsea - but even so, I was really shocked by the news. I can't think of anything more traumatic than having to close your shop. Matthew and Adam were the punk rockers of indie bookselling, often controversial, never dull. They have helped us out over the years with a tonne of useful advice. I'll miss their blog, and Lower Marsh must be a quieter, sadder place if you are a booklover. Hurry back soon chaps...


  1. Forgetting about Dan Brown - surely a good thing? I love this article from the telegraph:


    Also, I am pretty excited about autumn's events!

  2. Hi Lillie - love him or loathe him (and I read DVC in one sitting on a plane flight and loved it) I think the fact that we 'forgot' the book was coming out is not super from a 'professional bookseller' POV. If I'd been making some big anti-discounting statement, that would have been one thing - but the fact was, one of customers came in all excited by the hype - and we looked like dummies!

    I'm also excited by our Autumn events!