2010 Reloaded

Tomorrow has the feel of a 2010 'relaunch', as if it's the beginning of the year all over again, and the past two weeks haven't really counted (what with one thing and another). Thanks to some staff heroics, tromping through the snow and slush, working in five layers of clothing, having to mop the floor several times a day, etc., the shop has been open every day since the start of the year, and although it's fair to say that some of the those days have been a tad quiet, it has meant we've been able to rush around setting up events left, right and centre for the first few months of the year. If you fancy seeing some of the mouthwatering treats we've got lined up for early 2010, take a look at our events page - or read the latest edition of our newsletter which went out at the end of last week. Tomorrow we're all terrifically excited about welcoming Ali Shaw - ex-bookseller, ex-Bodleian librarian, but more importantly author of The Girl With Glass Feet - to Mostly Books, and getting to know someone we feel is a major new British writing talent. Last week The Bookseller described Ali's book as 'The sort of book that awakens people to the wonder of reading'. Couldn't agree more. A few tickets are still available at £3 each - if you fancy an evening out Monday night (January 18th at 7.30pm) let us know you are coming, and we'll have a glass of wine ready for you. It's down the back of the stock room, so consequently won't need chilling...

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