World Book Day with Chris Bradford

Two years ago, we did a fantastic event at Larkmead School involving Young Samurai author Chris Bradford as he launched book one in the series: Way of the Warrior. We - and the school - we so impressed, that we quickly approached Chris to take part in our Amazing Books for Boys event last year - culminating in an incredible show to coincide with the launch of book two: Way of the Sword. So when we were approached a few weeks ago to come along and help run an official World Book Day event with Chris, we jumped at the chance. And so on Thursday, Chris performed in front of almost 400 kids from various schools in Abingdon to celebrate both his World Book Day flipbook The Way of Fire, and book three in the Young Samurai series The Way of the Sword. Anyone who has seen Chris perform before knows his electrifying mix of live martial arts, scene-reenactment, sword display and audience participation. This time was no different. Afterwards, Chris signed books and posters and met fans - new and old - after two separate performances. There was an impromptu live performance on stage of a school battle in book three (which fingers crossed I have on video) and we had prepared for the day with hundreds of WBD flip books which looked impressive on the display racks: The event was organised through the Federation of Children's Bookgroups - and we very much appreciated the opportunity to take part. 2010 is the year of Young Samurai - as well as World Book Day, book four comes out in August, with another two already planned, a film in development, and another story appearing as part of Penguin's Pocket Money Reads. We have signed copies of book three in the shop - and for a limited time only, if you buy a copy you'll receive a signed Way of the Dragon book as well...

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