Stripey Tiger Super Tour at Carswell School

National Children's Book Week this week and - fools that we are - we were involved in five seperate events in and around Abingdon. All fantastic - and we kicked off Tuesday with the brilliant David Roberts and Guy Bass, part of Little Tiger Press' Stripey Tiger Super Tour, who arrived at Carswell School Abingdon in some style:
An ordinary VW Sharan magically transformed into the Tigermobile. We planned their arrival for when the children were in the playground, and - health and safety cones suitable arranged - the Tigermobile arrived bearing the two authors. They were met by teacher Debbie Emsen, and members of the school council:
Who then posed for the camera:
Guy and David then addressed a specially-convened school assembly to give a hint of the mayhem that was to follow:
The school split up - years 1,2 and 3 stayed in the hall with David, years 4,5 and 6 headed off down to the Dining Hall. David began by giving a reading of "Dirty Bertie" with some help from the kids.
Did they enjoy this? The following short, but informative film, may give you a hint:

Meanwhile, over at the Dining Room, Guy was talking about his book "Secret Santa: Agent of X.M.A.S. (short for 'Xtremely Mysterious Agency of Secrets', just in case you are not inducted yet):
Here Guy talks with the children about Christmas presents - in particular, ones that they might have received which were 'pants'...
He then read some extracts from the book...
Back to the main hall, and David was attempting to give 90 children a masterclass in drawing Bertie and his dog Whiffer. Armed with pens and paper, the children were enthralled and totally mesmerised. 
Meanwhile, Guy split his group into two teams, with two potential new X.M.A.S recruits. Kitted out in top-of-the-range 'elf' agent costumes and ray guns, the two groups raced to decipher a code to reveal one of Santa's most deadliest enemies...
...The Easter Bunny! Reunited after the main event, Guy and David signed books for the children, and posed with the suitably awed bookseller.
The feedback from the school has been fantastic, and it was a great start to the week for us. David, Guy and 'Laceytiger' Lauren jumped into the Tigermobile, and after managing to navigate the torturous Abingdon traffic system (largely closed off for the Michaelmas Fair), the sped off down the A34 en route to Wales for the next leg...


  1. Cool, your blog is so handy for keeping me up to date with what kids are reading. Thanks

  2. We had an absolute blast in Abingdon, thank you for having us! I think all the screaming and cheering has gone to the boys heads, though. Guy has taken to wearing his sunglasses indoors and David has sent me his rider requirements for his appearance at the Cheltenham Festival tomorrow . . .