Writing is alive and well in Abingdon library

Abingdon still has its library – pretty good news by itself after the recent announcement of cuts. But Abingdon Library also recently re-opened after a refurb that has made the downstairs more open and made it easier to browse books.
One of the benefits has been the creation of a cosy new reading space and is a great place for community meetings – and this was taken advantage of by local writers on Tuesday May 17.
From life writing, through romantic fiction, travel writing and how to make money from generating web content – all was brought up for sharing as an amazing array of writers for all genres were represented.
The morning discussion was led by Abingdon Writers, and joined by two other writing groups, as well as individual writers, for a wide-ranging conversation demonstrating just what a lively writing scene is alive and well in Abingdon
Five members of Abingdon Writers gave a talk about how their writing group evolved out of a meeting of like-minds at an Oxford writers event at Mostly Books two years ago.
Now the group is 18 strong, with a waiting list and meets twice-monthly for shared critique, support and market information. The group shared some of their passions for particular writing genres, discussed the benefits of sharing and critiquing and how to get inspiration, before questions were taken from the floor.
The questions were about everything from organising your work to organising your time and there was a quick-fire swap of advice from all the writers present.
With all the bad news about libraries, it is certainly something to be celebrated that our own library is not only secure, but reaching out and finding new ways to generate enthusiasm and celebrate the joys of both reading and writing.
Thanks very much to Lynne Moores at the library and Mary Cavanagh from Abingdon Writers for organising and hosting such a great and well-attended event.

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  1. What a heartwarming account. To be honest I think libraries will enjoy a renaissance in the recession rather than otherwise. But this actually helps book sales as when they come across a favourite book, they often end up buying it as they realise they cannot renew it forever.

    Great to hear the local writer's group is going from strength to strength.