BBC Oxford Afternoon Book Club - and a chat with Mark Billingham

With BBC Oxford Afternoon Book Club regular Patrick Neale whacked with some horrible bug (get well soon Patrick) I had the chance to do a slightly ad hoc set of book reviews on Wednesday afternoon - and the focus was very much on Summer reading.

During the show we also talked to crime writer Mark Billingham, who talked about his latest (and 11th) DI Tom Thorne crime novel Good As Dead. Mark is an exceptionally talented writer (and not just crime fiction), as well as a stand-up comedian, scriptwriter, actor - and all-round good guy. He MC'd the 2008 British Book Awards (so fond memories from us), but we also had a chance to see him talk at the Harrogate Crime Fiction Festival in 2009 (this year's festival begins today). One day we will get him to the shop for an event...this is a great interview, and as well as talking about the new novel, there's a chance to hear Mark's thoughts about DI Thorne on the telly, as well as details of a truly shocking incident that occurred to Mark early in his writing life, and which he drew on for elements of one of his books...

As always you can listen again for the next 6 days or so on BBC iPlayer (fast forward 12 minutes or so). The interview with Mark occurs after the main book reviews.

For the Summer reading recommends, here are the books discussed (anyone following the blog regularly will notice a few favourites from recent reviews creeping in):
  • "Inheritance", Nicholas Shakespeare (Vintage, PB, £7.99)
  • "Other People's Money", Justin Cartwright (Bloomsbury, PB, £12.99)
  • "House of the Hanged", Mark Mills (HarperCollins, PB, £7.99)
  • "Small Change for Stuart", Lissa Evans (£10.99, HB, Random House)
  • "Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy", Andy Briggs (Faber, £6.99)
All the books in the shop of course...

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