LGC: The Making of a Company

Mostly Books was very proud to be the bookseller at the launch of Richard Worswick's business memoir "LGC: The making of a company" on September 8th. The book - launched just around the corner from LGC's London headquarters - is Abingdon-based Richard's account of the privatisation in 1996 of the Laboratory of the Government Chemist.

Richard - backed by 3i Group - made a successful competitive bid to purchase what was then a DTI government agency. During 10 years as chief executive, and later as deputy chairman, Richard developed LGC into a highly successful international company and in 2003 was awarded UK Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Products and Services.

Mostly Books has been involved during the book's production, and is distributing the book.

With endorsements from a number of important figures in the story of British privatisation over recent years, the book provides both an insider's account and a highly successful case study of privatisation - a controversial area and one that still sparks intense debate.

Present at the launch was the current CEO of LGC, David Richardson.

Also present were Richard’s successor as Government Chemist, Dr John Marriott, and the current Government Chemist, Dr Derek Craston.
Richard was able to talk to past and present LGC employees, and sign copies of the book.

Mostly Books has copies in the shop now - or learn more about the book on the official website (http://www.lgcthemakingofacompany.com/).

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