3 4 Friday: Gorgeousness, Sportiness and the Natural World

Over the last week, as well as a veritable abundance of new titles, we've also been doing a lot of changing around of the shop (what our American friends might term 'remodelling'). So if you haven't been in for a while, we've chosen three titles from three sections of the shop to showcase the changes...

Firstly, we've brought together gifts, crafts, cooking, parenting and books for very little ones into a 'lifestyle and home' corner - and very gorgeous it looks too (though we say so ourselves) under the new lighting. This should also make it a tad easier for parents (and grandparents) with buggies...as well as looking jolly nice.

Stand-out title(s) here - the Design Museum's fiftieth anniversary publications that highlight landmark examples of design in areas such as cars, hats, chairs, shoes, bags and dresses.
Superbly produced from the Design Musem archives, these are both excellent source books for designers - but also fascinating social commentaries of the consumer age.

We now have a dedicated table for all things Olympic, and inevitably many of us will get swept up by the whole thing, even if we don't find ourselves up at 3am watching re-runs of Fencing (guilty as charged for one member of staff!).

As well as some excellent titles on the history of the games and famous olympians, one of our favourite titles has to be the sublime "How To Watch The Olympics" by David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton.
For any armchair olympics fan - and indeed, if you've been lucky enough to get tickets to an event that perhaps you are not fully up-to-speed on - this is a cribbers delight, a book which instantly allows you to become an expert on almost the entire games.

This is the handbook to have next to the chair for the duration of the games...but particularly for young sporting fans, do come in and see our other selection for young readers who may suddenly want to compete on the Modern Pentathalon!

Finally, the front of the shop is now the 'get out there!' section - local walking, interest, travel, nature and sport. Either stand in front of our selection and start the jumping jacks, or else pick out a few key titles to look at:

Bottom right you might just catch sight of the new-in-paperback 'Bird Watching with your Eyes Closed' by SImon Barnes.

This is a delight, a book that teaches you not just about birdsong, but about tuning into nature - the science, beauty and importance of the natural world where you live.

And finally, congratulations to author Teri Terry, whose debut YA novel 'Slated' was published this week. As promised - here it is on face out on our YA shelves...

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