Abingdon in Camera: Portrait of a Country Town 1850 - 1950

For anyone curious about life in the town of Abingdon, this is a splendid - largely photographic - record which reconstructs everyday life in the town over a 100 year period. The book contains over 120 black and white photographs, and makes for an utterly fascinating social history document.

This is an expertly curated collection of photographs, put together originally in the 1970s under the expert eye of Judy Thomas on behalf of the Abingdon Area Architectural and Historical Society.

Our favourite photographs include an aerial view of the town from the 1920s, a canoeist on the high street during the great flood of 1894, a death-trap of a big wheel at the annual Michaelmas Fair, and various shopping scenes around the town from as early as 1846. The fold-out reproduction Ordinance survey map from 1875 inside the back cover is a bonus - take a look at how the 'Grubber' (the Abingdon Workhouse) dominated the town until its destruction in 1931...

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