3 4 Friday: More Father's Day picks

Last week we picked out a few of our favourite Father's Day reads, so if you didn't have a chance to look at this last week, take a look at our Father's Day Dozen as picked by all of us here at Mostly Books.

Now, we definitely recommend you buy a real book for Dad this Sunday (tell him to switch off the gadgets, and drop off the grid...the health benefits of real reading are
not to be sniffed at). But someone did ask this week if there was anything we could recommend for Dad if they *didn't* want a book. So - here are three sneaky suggestions for our top Dad (non-book) gifts:

We love Moleskine diaries and notebooks (I think just about every staff member has a Moleskine diary). Effortlessly cool, highly usable and produced to a very high quality, last year's Star Wars themed notebooks went down very well in the gift-buying stakes. But this year they have produced some must-have Lego-themed limited edition ruled notebooks. With a brick embedded into the cover, and stickers included, we think these are the item no cool Dad should be without (and he can sneakily play with Lego). There are two sizes and two designs to choose from - take a look when you come in.

We put as much effort into our hand-picked mugs as we do books, and recent additions to our range have included these Scalextric Racing Club mug design, which might be just what Dad needs to perk up his morning cup of tea. In its own gift box, at £7.99 it may be just what you are after for a groovy Father's Day gift.

And take a look at the Hornby railway mugs in the same range...

Finally - and something completely different - Candlestick Press have produced a fantastic range of poem books that can be sent as a card. As well as collections for mother's, gardeners, cyclists, Ten Poems about Fathers is an inspiring collection from some of our best-loved contemporary poets. Many a Dad will appreciate the practical, plain-speaking father in Tony Harrison's 'Flood' and his preoccupation with plumbing matters; many will likewise recognise the potato-stuffing father in 'Hot Food' by Michael Rosen.

Oh, and, did we mention our
other Father's Day picks here?

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