3 4 Friday - Costumed Capers, Urban Fantasy and Clonefiles Mayhem

To celebrate the launch of the Angry Robot Clonefiles Initiative our '3 4 Friday' this week are three staff picks from their fantastic science fiction and fantasy list. It's hard to believe that Angry Robot only launched in July 2009, but already have a huge and passionate fanbase, a reputation for some of the best new writing, not to mention scooping an Arthur C Clarke Award for Lauren Beukes‘ novel Zoo City last year.
So - in case you hadn't heard - anyone buying an Angry Robot title through Mostly Books will be able to get hold of an e-book of that title absolutely free. In whatever format you require. How cool is that?

Here are three staff favourites from the shelves:

The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughes

When mild-mannered actuary Chesney Artstruther refuses to sell his soul to the devil, the whole of hell goes on strike. And without the thought of hell to spur on mankind things begin to look serious for the planet and Chesney gets the chance to do a deal with the devil.  

"Chock full of humour, this is a fantastic romp with superheroes, Satan and a strike in hell...an interesting concept and a mismatched duo of costumed, crime fighting hero and demon sidekick make for an hilarious novel. This book is perfect for fans of Tom Holt and Robert Rankin." - Ellie 
Dead Harvest by Chris F Holm

Sam Thornton is a collector of souls. When he goes to collect the soul of Kate, a young multiple murderer, he becomes convinced that she is innocent and refuses to do his duty. He is soon on the run from the forces of both Heaven and Hell, trying to prevent a calamity of apocalyptic proportions. With its retro cover it’s not surprising that although this is gritty, urban fantasy, it is also owes a lot to the noir crime genre and is a good twist on both genres.

"One of my favourite Angry Robot titles, simply because of the excellent first-person writing and characterisation that places you at the heart of the tale - not to mention loads of great references to . And that cover is retro, and very desirable - just the kind of book that you want to own, and read digitally, so made for the Clonefiles initiative!" - Mark

Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon

When Niall Petersen suffers a suspected heart attack on the London Underground he is healed by a woman who tells him the incident has woken latent Feyre powers. He learns of the hidden world of the Feyre, an uncanny place of legend that lurks just beyond the surface of everyday life. The ancient peoples are at war - but is Niall really the one who can wield the dark magic of the Untainted, and save them all?

"This is a great myth-based urban fantasy series that will appeal to Neil Gaiman fans. A new, fresh voice in the genre!" -Julia

To order Angry Robot titles, pop into Mostly Books - or view a larger list of titles which can be ordered online here.

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