3 4 Friday - School's Out for Summer! Activity books from Lego, Barefoot Books and Klutz

Sticker books, activity books, craft ideas and games. Books with Lego pieces, origami shapes, puzzles and codes to decipher. Books that come with toys. Books with traditional games or cutting edge activities from the world of film.

Yes, we're talking about activity books.

Here in the shop, we understand only too well that the start of the school holidays can fill parents and grandparents with both excitement (the promise of holidays, quality time spent with your children, trips, projects) and also apprehension (boredom, weather, sibling fights over computer games). So all of us in the shop have made an effort this Summer to offer a fantastic range of children's activity books.

Great books don't need any activity component. A book that results in your child locked in their bedroom with the 'do not disturb' sign on the door might qualify.

It's been difficult, but we've picked three ranges and new arrivals for our Friday pick that we particularly love.

First up are the Lego 'Ultimate Sticker' Collections. £7.99 each or take advantage of our current offer: 2 for £10. Whether it's Lego Ninjago or the Star Wars Minifigures collection, it's a great offer and the match-the-scene-to-the-sticker is perfect for any Lego fans you may have:
Next up are some brand new books just in from one of our favourites, Barefoot Books. Amongst all the great games and story books, we've some particularly lovely origami sets – something that always goes down very well with young visitors to the shop.

'Origami Faces' and 'Origami Animals' come with fun paper and simple origami folding for beginners which children will have lots of fun making and finishing off with the stickers included. There is also an Origami Bird Game in which the origami fun results in a fab game to play at the end! We think these are perfect for 5 to 10 year olds:

Last up is a legendary publisher of endlessly innovative activity books – Klutz. They always come up with great ideas, from a book about marbles games (that come with a big bag of drawstring marbles!), a book on bubble blowing (with the bubbles) and books on activities ranging from the traditional (Cat's Cradle) to stuff that is bang up to date.

At the moment we particularly like the 'learn to draw' series sch as 'Draw the DC Universe Heroes and Villains' and 'Draw Star Wars The Clone Wars'. They come with all you need to get drawing these popular characters, with drawing tips and tricks from the pros, trace and sketch, pictures of 27 of the greatest super heroes and vilest villains, and characters from The Clone Wars - even the pens and pencils you’ll need. So there’s lots to get your kid creative today! Ideal for those boys or girls who love Star Wars or the DC comics or who just love to draw.
We have plenty of other great activity books - and events over the Summer - so do come in and ask us to make some personal recommendations!

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  1. Spotted those lego books in the window, very nice so I think they'll have to be done :)